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Sword of Deliverance

It takes an assassin’s sword to cleave open the past and pierce the evil of magic and murder, betrayal and revenge.
· August 2016 · for

Twenty-year-old Brandan, Lord Wulfgar’s notorious chief assassin, has become repulsed by his ruthless killing of innocent people and vows to desert. But he is sent on a mission to conduct Meredyth to Wulfgar to be his wife, a fate worse than death for her.

Brandan convinces her that the only way to thwart Wulfgar’s scheme is to flee with him. But then she discovers that Brandan killed her fiancé.

Now her desire for revenge threatens his efforts to keep them one step ahead of their pursuers and the magical forces Wulfgar unleashes to capture them. All while Brandan grapples with overwhelming guilt and disturbing revelations about his past and his true identity—and the reality that they may not survive.

Book 1 of the Journey to Freedom series.

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