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The Crown of Nightingale

Donovan sold his soul for a spell and lost his memory, but who doesn’t love a chance to reinvent himself?
· April 2024 · for ,

Magic requires sacrifice.

Sell your soul for a spell and become an outcast. Who doesn’t love a chance to reinvent themselves?

But where to begin?

Donovan’s new beginning involves fur hunting and trading in the wealthy merchant-run city of Nightingale. But like most soul-burned, his heart longs for something he cannot remember. The opportunity to fill that longing comes in a way most unexpected, and unwelcome. A bloodthirsty kingdom has invaded the farms and forests near the city, and Donovan signs up to fight with his bullies: the Nightingale Guard.

When it becomes known that these attacks are not only raids, but a full scale invasion, Donovan is sent on a suicide mission to seek help from one of the most unlikely of places: the unpredictable, savage fey. If he does not succeed, Donovan will lose the city and the woman he loves, and prove once and for all that there is no future for those who sacrificed their souls for magic.

Book 1 of the The Crowned series.

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