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The Culling Begins

Twelve Spirit Oaks keep the Great Deceiver in Tartarus, but what happens when those guardians begin to disappear?
· March 2022 · for

Twelve Spirit Oaks guard Eden from The Great Deceiver trapped deep within Tartarus.

After standing for as long as anyone can remember, the Spirit Oaks begin to vanish from the world. Two opposing forces begin to clash.

As a member of The Order struggles to protect the trees, a Dark Figure is on a quest to rid Eden of its supposed blight. Narrow is the gate to save Eden; broad is the path to its destruction.

Join Marcus, a member of The Order, on his quest to try and save Eden. He will not face the journey alone. Companions will be made, faith may falter, courage will be tested, and unimaginable horrors will surely be encountered as they all fight for survival–their own and that of the Spirit Oaks.

Book 1 of the The Spirit Oak Chronicles series.

  1. Mahina says:

    Awesome biblical allegory. Exciting journey for Christians who aren’t afraid of vertigo and creepy demonic monsters. This story is borderline horror. The two main characters are male and female and journey together without romance. A breath of fresh air. It’s a short read, 164 pages and can’t wait for the next book!

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