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The Depths of Atlantis

When a runaway mermaid princess is kidnapped and taken back to Atlantis, she must overcome her own self-doubts, recover her magic, and work with new friends to stop a war.
· November 2022 · for ,

Reanna may have escaped Atlantis, but her past just won’t sleep with the fishes.

Many kids run away. Reanna did, too: only she went to another dimension.

Reanna may have bartered away her mermaid tail for a one-way ticket to Earth, but apparently, her mother – the Queen of Atlantis – didn’t get the message. Now Reanna finds herself kidnapped and back on the dimension of Gaia, where a whole continent is in danger, caught up in a war over her fate.

The longer Reanna runs away from her mother, the more desperate and barbaric Queen Arana becomes. And when Reanna learns of the Queen enslaving countless elves in concentration camps, Reanna knows that she can’t let her fear define her decisions. If she doesn’t step up, she will forfeit not only her own life, but also the lives of the elves and her new friends – including two boys from earth, whose past and futures are inexplicably tied to hers.

Along with her new friends, Reanna sets out to stop the war, reclaim her mermaid tail, and rescue the captive elves, all before the rest of the world sinks to the depths of Atlantis.

Book 1 of the The Atlantis Trilogy series.

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