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The Discipling of Mytra

A young woman travels to the depths of the galaxy to open a tyrannical planet, but everything changes when she abducts a young resistor facing execution.
· February 2009 · for ,

In the year of our Lord 3125 …

With an IQ of 220, Sarah Chen is the slowest member of a team sent by the InterPlanetary Missions Agency to open a closed world. Beset by insecurities and scorn, she longs for companionship and the chance to prove herself. She sets out for Mytra, an isolated humanist paradise inhabited entirely by men who know nothing beyond their world.

Alex, a Mytran boy enslaved by robots, has four months remaining until coming of age. If he refuses to obey his Rulers’ traditions, the very robots who raised him will carry out his execution. Alex and his Order of resistors have no hope of survival, until Sarah’s ship arrives in orbit.

Against secretive tyrants who would kill their own people before losing a single soul, how will Sarah and Alex free Mytra?

What say you?