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The Infinite Day

After the evil Dominion is defeated, Commander Merral D’Avanos must rescue thirty hostages. But first, he and his crew must survive a perilous trip through Below Space.
· May 2008 · for ,

“Vero, you remember you once said there were people who would follow me to the gates of hell?”

“A figure of speech.”

“We’d better find them. That’s where we’re going.”

After the defeat of the evil Dominion forces at Farholme, Commander Merral D’Avanos prepares a task force to rescue thirty hostages captured by the fleeing Margrave Lezaroth. Merral’s only hope is that he can get to the hostages before they’re taken to Lord-Emperor Nezhuala at the Blade of Night — the nexus of the Dominion’s power. But in order to get there, Merral and his crew will have to survive a perilous trip through Below Space.

Meanwhile, news of the Dominion’s defeat at Farholme reaches Ancient Earth but is tempered by the sobering truth of the enemy’s growth and strength. It is now clear that an attack on the Assembly is imminent, but how far should the Assembly go to stop it? And does the real danger lie in the Dominion or in the subtle evil that has arrived at the heart of the Assembly itself?

Book 3 of The Lamb Among the Stars series.

  1. Katie Brandt says:

    Prepare to be drawn in …. entertained…. challenged….shocked….amazed….and through it all, realize what’s truly important!

    • Katie, I’d love to hear more from you about how. I have the first volume, The Shadow and Night, and thought the first part (originally published separately) was very slow. That was when I was a bit of a wimpy reader. Some time later, when I read that book’s second half, I loved it, and I’m sure I will appreciate even more the whole novel on a re-read. I’ve also been long anticipating reading the rest of Walley’s epic trilogy.

      • Mitchell Herbert says:

        I agree that the first novel starts slow. I have only ever read it as a combined volume, so not entirely sure where the original first ends and the second begins, but I think the payoff is worth the time invested in knowing the characters and the world(s) that Walley created. I’m re-reading the series now, and about halfway through The Dark Foundations. I hope you eventually made it through all the stories and enjoyed them as much as I do.

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