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The Inn at the Forest’s Edge

A timid farm boy must become a hero to rescue the girl he loves from a merciless warlock in a mystical forest.
· October 2023 · for ,

A quiet stable boy. A charming maiden. A forbidding forest.

But each is more than it seems.

Johann jumped at the offer to work at a local inn for the summer and to get away from the drudgery of the farm. His enthusiasm only increased when he met the tavern owner’s enchanting niece, Faeyn. It wasn’t long before Johann realized that there was something different about the innkeeper and his sister, not to mention the knife-wielding bard and the heavily scarred steed in the stables. Strangest of all was the ominous VenKeth, a vast labyrinthian forest upon whose shadowy edge the property perched.

When the inn is attacked and Faeyn kidnapped, the untested youth must find the courage to venture into the frightful woods with only the mysterious creature from the stables to aid him.

A standalone novella

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