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The Paradise Protocol

When bio-scientist Aric Lindquist is blacklisted for her outspoken defense of indigenous humanoids, Sean Reese is sent to her remote planet with a mission.
· November 2015 · for

Submit to the director, or forfeit your life.

Alone on a primitive planet light-years away from Earth, bio-scientist Aric Lindquist believes she has been abandoned by SARC, the sponsor of her research assignment. In the five months since her assistant disappeared, she has struggled to survive Empusa III’s beautiful but hostile environment. Is SARC punishing her because she accused them of breaking protocol in not safeguarding indigenous humanoids? After a new assistant finally arrives, Aric’s suspicions escalate.

When Sean Reese agreed to this mission, he expected to find a dangerous and possibly demented woman. Carrying out his orders would have been easy. But Aric is unlike anything he expected. Sean might find a way to save her life if she submits to the powerful director of SARC.

If she won’t, the director will use any means to silence them both…including murder.

Book 1 of the Intergalaxia series.

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