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The Rest

A secret team discovers that the rest of the universe is full of diverse and exotic life, and why all of that life has been completely disconnected from the human race.
· March 2024 · for ,

Jake Vale and his top secret team find a way to travel to a new world very much like Earth. But what they find there will set the stage for all of them to question who they are, what the nature of God is, and why we have not been able to interact with the diverse and flourishing life that fills the rest of the Universe.

This epic science fiction adventure takes place all across the stars, and even travels to another galaxy to explore the infinite diversity of Creation. It also travels deep inside each explorer to touch the deep meaning of life and our need for deeper connections.

Will Jake and his team be able to confront their own fears and misconceptions about the nature of reality?

Will they choose to embrace their critical role in the upcoming battle for Earth?

Book 1 of the A Future of Hope series.

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