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The Shattered Blades

The heroes have returned home, but there is no peace to be found there.
· July 2018 · for

Gratas wants nothing more than to sleep off his hangovers, but everyone keeps reminding him that he has a princess to protect.

Reslo tries to find peace back home with his family, but he swore an oath to find the Templars’ lost sword, and will not let his duty go unfulfilled.

Jerah can no longer feel the presence of his gods, but a long forgotten faith stirs within him.

Heiradra enjoys the idyllic life within the rustic town of Dunkhau, but she cannot allow herself to rest while her kingdom burns.

The rivers turn to blood and the mournful cry for judgment. Dead myths awaken, and new champions rise from the ashes.

Book 3 of the The Judges Cycle series.

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