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The Sword and the Way

Reavers killed his kinfolk. Now Jorgan Anderson seeks a legendary sword-dance, which will probably kill him.
· October 2018 · for

Reavers killed his kinfolk. Now he seeks a legendary sword-dance … which will probably kill him!

Jorgan Anderson, a Northland shipmaster’s young son, is looking for adventure on a routine voyage to the same old ports—and adventure finds him the day they spot a Ty Shing priest floating face-down in the sea.

When Reavers slay Jorgan’s kinsmen in a bloody sea-battle, he vows to learn a legendary sword dance for his folk to defend their longships. His adventure takes him to distant Xaichen, a mysterious land ruled by Oshiemin Tu, the Ty Shing priest’s bitterest enemy.

Jorgan becomes the Outlander of Ty Shing, a sword-novice mistrusted by temple masters, rejected by fellow students—unwittingly tangled in a forbidden romance, imperial schemes, and an arch-sorcerer’s behind-the-scenes manipulation.

Will the young warrior trust the sword or the One? His decision could cost him his life.

Book 1 of the Jorgan’s Saga series.

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