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Unbroken Spirit

Finally free from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Nina struggles to get back on her feet until she meets a mysterious otherworldly man who claims to have been sent as her protector.
· August 2016 · for

Her past left her wounded, but he has the power to heal.

Nina Anderson never expected to pull an unconscious man from a lake. Neither did she imagine that the unearthly man would claim he was sent to be her protector and help her with an impending future event.

Nina is lucky to be alive. After years of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, she’s finally free. Determined to get back on her feet, she’s left her past behind for a fresh start on her grandparents’ farm in Despair, Kansas. Even though Jeremy, the man who’d abused her, is in prison fifteen-hundred miles away, Nina is still haunted by dark memories.

Nina’s mysterious new protector, Liam, brings her the respect she’s always wanted—and maybe even a chance at love. But what about that event that is to occur in the near future? Liam doesn’t know what it is or when it will take place. Will he have the power to save her and restore Nina’s faith in God?

Book 1 of the Mystic Hope series.

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