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Urban Angel

Alex Masters wants to share the good news of Jesus with her generation, and her enemies, physical and spiritual, will do all they can to stop her.
· May 2021 · for ,

One day the church will be made perfect, but for now she bears the scars of war.

Alex Masters knows all about that war. For her the journey to faith has been marked by grief and loneliness, but still she chooses to believe.

Daisy is a child of the social media generation, lost in every belief and none. When tragedy strikes, she seeks out her cousin Alex because she knows that Alex understands what it is to face the darkness.

They come together, believer and unbeliever, hunted by an enemy that will do whatever it takes to achieve its goal. Alone, Alex and Daisy would be defenceless, but this is not a struggle against flesh and blood, and not every weapon is visible.

Book 1 of the The Masters Series.

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