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“A rapid start in divergent universes … Wolf of the Tesseract is a satisfying adventure.”
Lorehaven review, summer 2018

Wolf of the Tesseract

A girl discovers she is the daughter of the Architect King and hideous, powerful beasts seek her blood to unlock an evil dimension that will devour her world.
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While investigating a series of strange murders in her neighborhood, college student Claire Jones is kidnapped by a handsome werewolf who claims he’s rescuing her from the clutches of an evil sorcerer. But she can’t run forever and if Claire and her companion can’t reclaim an arcane artifact to end the warlock’s reign of terror, he will unleash the monstrous Sh’logath’s cataclysmic power upon the universe, shattering dimensional barriers, and devouring all reality.

Book 1 of the Wolves of the Tesseract series.

Review of Wolf of the Tesseract

A rapid start in divergent universes … Wolf of the Tesseract is a satisfying adventure.
, summer 2018

In Christopher D. Schmitz’s Wolf of the Tesseract, guardian Zabe determines to rescue Princess Bithia, whose blood holds the key to safeguarding—or destroying—the multiverse. Elsewhere, archaeologist’s daughter Claire Jones is due to wed a handsome movie star. But when an old schoolmate reappears, Claire’s certainty about the future begins to fracture. As Zabe’s quest intersects with Claire’s life, she must confront the truth of other worlds—and the secrets of her own. This story’s vehicle of Lovecraftian horror and comic book physics doesn’t always offer a smooth ride. A rapid start in divergent universes creates dimensional jet lag until the cosmology is explained halfway through. Pulp-style action can seem overdone and characters’ morality is never nuanced (with one notable exception). Despite its sometimes confusing plot, Wolf of the Tesseract is a satisfying adventure.

Best for: Fans of pulp adventure, H. P. Lovecraft, and paranormal romance.

Discern: Stylized action and violence, including gore and dismemberment; discussions of romance and sex; love triangles involving doppelgangers; vague religious and spiritual references; and soul transference.

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