Daily Wire Announces Streaming Series Based on Stephen R. Lawhead’s Pendragon Cycle

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Nov. 17 that the cultural conservative streamer will debut the Arthurian saga in 2023.
on Nov 18, 2022 · 8 comments

Last night, cultural conservative fans learned media company The Daily Wire could adapt Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged into a streaming series.

But for Christian fantastical fiction fans, the buried lede is actually this:

[Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy] Boreing also announced a slate of major projects in development, including: . . .

  • An exclusive option to develop and produce feature film and television series adaptations for all six books in Stephen R. Lawhead’s “THE PENDRAGON CYCLE”1
Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Nov. 17 that the cultural conservative streamer would debut the Arthurian saga in 2023.

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Nov. 17 that the cultural conservative streamer will debut the Arthurian saga in 2023.

Boreing elaborated in a Nov. 17 livestream:

While Atlas has shaped the worldview of millions of people around the globe, there’s a series of books that I read as a teenager that, more than any other, helped shape my worldview. It’s based on perhaps the most impactful myth in the Western tradition—the legend of King Arthur. And it’s called The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Lawhead. And today, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that the DailyWire+ has secured the rights to this unbelievable work.

This is an incredible story about the fall of the Roman occupation in Great Britain, and the rise of Christianity in the blood-soaked pagan islands—British Isles. It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve ever set about to do. And it’s going to be incredible. And it’s going to premiere on DailyWire+ in 2023.

Stephen R. Lawhead’s The Pendragon Cycle series combines Arthurian legends with Atlantis myths and early Celtic lore into a six-part historical fantasy epic. Released between 1987 and 1999, the saga explores themes of love, friendship, and destiny.

Our own Lorehaven Review Team reader Ticia Messing remarks:

Lawhead skillfully wove the gospel and his faith throughout the Arthurian myths, taking the best of the Arthurian saga while leaving out the soap opera drama of the Guinevere/Lancelot stories.

Daily Wire has not set a specific release date in 2023. They have yet to announce a director, screenwriter, or actors.

Have you read Stephen R. Lawhead’s The Pendragon Cycle? Who would you prefer for a series director or casting choices?

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  1. Carey Green says:

    I’m half way through the cycle now and have loved it.

  2. Lisa says:

    It took me 10 minutes to read this short article because I am BEYOND excited!! Please be quality, please my favorite author and my favorite series (tied with his Song of Albion). When I first read these books 30+ years ago, it made me want to be a better Christian. So, so good!

  3. Chris says:

    Please please please do this series justice. Could be a cultural phenomenon if don’t right.

  4. I read the first three books when they were released and it was one of the best stories and they remain with me all these years later.

  5. Melody C McKay says:

    Stephen Lawhead 💙 was my second best author only to the Bible. I continue to read and reread his work. The soundness of historical correctness he brings to his work inspires and makes me reach HIGHER and belive greatness can still exist.

  6. Benjamin says:

    A Whole lot of background story pertaining to the rise and ultimate collapse of Celtic Christianity is available in Part III of Hidden Stories of Jesus in Britain (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble). The Arthur story is a pivotal piece of a larger epic that continues to be largely misunderstood. I hope the series sheds new light on this story, as it would be hard to find one better when properly told.

  7. Tyrean says:

    In so many of his book series, Lawhead includes casual disregard, and sometimes verbal and physical abuse of female characters. I never finished the Pendragon cycle, but I remember this distinctly in Hood; in one scene Robin Hood (the hero) slaps Marian and then justified his actions as necessary. It is sickening and not in line with Biblical values.

What say you?