Fans and Families, We Invite You to Join Our First Lorehaven Summer Reading Challenge

Public libraries and other programs are pushing false ideas, so we’ll help you find better stories for Christ’s glory.
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I’m L.G. McCary, marketing manager and staff writer for Lorehaven. I’m also the author of the women’s supernatural suspense novel, That Pale Host, and the homeschooling mom of four adorable children.

As you might imagine, our house is absolutely bursting with books!

A glimpse at the McCary family’s children’s shelf.

This is just the official kids’ shelf. We have five other bookshelves packed full.

In our house, summer reading programs are a big deal. We participate in a program through our local library system as well as a Department of Defense–sponsored program for which we’re eligible thanks to my veteran husband.

My kids earn every prize these programs offer every single year because they’re nerdy bookworms just like their mama. I’ve even won some prizes myself!

Summer reading programs are getting suspect

But sadly, every year I am less enthusiastic about these programs.

We’re already spending less time at the library, partly out of lockdown-acquired habits and partly because I’ve collected so many good books for our home library.

But one of the biggest reasons we’re looking elsewhere is this—many of our library’s recommended books have content that’s inappropriate for my children. Even some of the themes of the summer reading programs are not ideas I want to teach my kids.

Instead, I want a program that values the Christ-honoring fantastical fiction my kids and I love. I also want something adults can participate in, because reading books in community is more fun!

Discover fantastical books for Christian readers

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that this Thursday, June 8, we’re launching the first Lorehaven Summer Reading Challenge!

You’ll find all kinds of reading programs out there, but this is the only one for Christian-made fantasy, science fiction, and beyond.

Take up the challenge in three ways:

  1. Fill your summer with fantastical stories for God’s glory! Pick books from our free review list and read them this summer. Choose five, ten, twenty, or as many as you think you can read! And don’t forget to tell us what you’re reading by commenting on our website or tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!
  2. Join the Lorehaven Guild and embark on your first book quest! We have some great books lined up for the summer, and reading is better together. Remember, joining the Guild is free! We can’t wait to see you there for June’s book quest: Illusion by Frank Peretti.
  3. Use your creativity to support your favorite stories and authors! Create fan art for any of the books Lorehaven has reviewed. Then submit your art in the Lorehaven Guild for a chance to be featured in our social media. (Parents, we’d love for you to submit your children’s art on their behalf!)

We want this challenge to bring friends and families together over a shared love of old classics and new favorites.

Whether you’re a busy young professional looking for beach reads, a student needing summer break reading material, or a harried homeschooling mom like me trying to fill yet another bookshelf, Lorehaven has found a story to inspire you.

There is so much excellent Christian fantastical fiction to celebrate, and we hope you’ll join our party beginning June 8!

Happy reading!

L. G. McCary

L. G. McCary is an old-school Whovian and a lifelong Trekkie. She has a bachelor's in psychology which means she knows enough to mess with readers' heads but not enough to diagnose their problems. She is the wife of an Army chaplain and the homeschooling mom of four rambunctious kids. She writes supernatural and dark science fiction on topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, ghosts, sentient snowmen, and space hotels. Her first novel, That Pale Host, released October 2021. Her short story, "Rendering," appears in Havok's Rebirth anthology.
  1. I wanna know if I get a free pizza for reading? 🤣🤣🤣🍕

  2. Jess Brady says:

    Yay! So excited! When does the challenge end? Most summer reading is only for June and July but I’ve always counted at least part of August as summer 🤣

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