Kerry Nietz: Someone Still Wants to Make a Movie Based on ‘Amish Vampires in Space’

No movie has been greenlit, but someone is still serious about putting bonnet-clad settlers on the big screen.
on Jan 4, 2021 · No comments

Sci-fi author Kerry Nietz updates fans about a very remotely possible film version of one of his novels:

Film options come with a built in time limit. In the case of [Amish Vampires in Space], that time limit was 18 months. Eighteen months to try to get the money folks interested in seeing bonnets-with-teeth on the big (or little) screen. . . .

So, as the time of renewal approached, I suspected that my Hollywood friends would take a hard pass on renewing the option. At least until things returned to normal. Too many hurdles! Too many hoops!

Read the whole post to get his update.

As Nietz reminds readers, a film option doesn’t mean a movie has been greenlit—much less scripted or cast, or a release date set. It only means someone with Hollywood connections (and the financial support of purchasing a film option) thinks the book could make a great movie.

So far, Amish Vampires has attained a brief yet memorable TV comedy host’s name-check (in 2014). Humor writer Dave Barry also plugged it.

If you haven’t heard about Amish Vampires in Space, read more in the Lorehaven library. You can also explore Kerry Nietz’s own articles explaining the story’s origin story, and how the wacky title is really the only wackiness about this serious sci-fi series.

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