1. David James says:

    Completely agree with you E. Stephen on all points!

    I had not gone to the theater for this, and really wasn’t planning on watching it. When it came up on my TV when I was scrolling through the new stuff on Netflix I decided since I wasn’t doing anything else that particular night, and since I didn’t have to pay an extra penny for it, I’d see what they came up with.

    The things they got right were the things the previous film version was lacking on. Unfortunately, they then threw out everything the previous version had right.

    I said to myself, “so Chloe’s going to save the day” when they got off the phone at that one point near the end. Little did I realize just how true that was going to be and how God-awful it played out.

    This movie is not helping the impression people have about Christian movies. Indeed, I think it’s made it quite worse, and in a direction one would not have even thought a Christian movie could have done.

    Hated this movie.

  2. dmdutcher says:

    Well, to be fair and argue against point 3, the total budget for the movie was sixteen million. A disaster movie like 2012 cost 200 million five years ago. There are some movies done on that budget or less, like Skyline or Night Watch, but they tend to be more intimate disaster movies.

    What’s sort of odd now that I think of it…did anyone see The Remaning? The found-footage rapture film?

    • I appreciate the optimism — believe me, I tried it myself above and beyond what many Left Behind series critics would expect — but in this case the “special effects” were passable for what they were trying to do. Character development and even C-grade passing dialogue are much less expensive. And that was just awful all over.

      • dmdutcher says:

        Yeah, I figured. I think something like A Thief in the Night works, because even with it’s flaws it can evoke a camp sensibility. But a lot of rapture films are bad enough where they can’t even do that. Shades of Syfy original movies.

  3. Lisa says:

    I have to say I’m not really interested in watching the movie. I really didn’t like the book (s)…I got half way through book one and I just couldn’t go on. So, although I was interested to see how “Hollywood” was going to make this movie, I think I will skip it. Thanks for the heads up!  🙂

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