1. Joanna says:

    The funny thing is, Nick Cage is actually quite close to my mental image of Rayford from reading the books. Yeah. Seeing Cage cast as him, I started laughing, as I realized that I actually would have chosen him for the role.

    But then, the two people I’d always cared about were Buck and Chloe. While Rayford was always a bit Nick Cage-ish in my mind. 😀

  2. Michelle says:

    Nicholas Cage has some serious acting chops. Nicholas Cage also chooses really bad movies.  I never liked the Left Behind series,  the theology was so transparent and so “this one way and no other is how things are going to roll out” that it made some things laughable.  It also was technically,  in my opinion, poorly written.  There were cringe-worthy lines, scenes, and just moments where I was not able to believe anyone would react the way the characters were.

    It is a pre-tribulation,  mostly literal interpretation of the events of Revelation.  They did make the  giant grasshopper/bugs into helicopters, everyone apparently does that.

    And that’s okay.  I have nothing against those that hold that viewpoint as people; I have a grievance against them that they tend to ram that idea as the only one that exists into popular culture.  There are four different views of the end times, and this is merely one of them. I also don’t like the “scare people into heaven” kinda underlying argument that comes with some of this theology.

    Now, which Nick Cage movie will this be?  One that is amazing, or one that is a flop? I don’t know.  I do find it interesting that HE is interested in it.

  3. bainespal says:

    Do you remember when Cloud Ten Pictures put the whole thing on VHS in October 1999 and still expected you to go see the film in theaters in February 2000(?!).

    I wonder how they convinced theaters to run the movie at all. They probably had to rent out the theaters or something. Or maybe things were different back then, and theaters didn’t worry about direct-to-VHS the same way that they worry about streaming now.

  4. Hey now.  I finally watched the trailer, and ya know what?

    It actually looks pretty non-pathetic.

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