1. Julie D says:

    In that case, is what Biblical book is Agents of Shield? Actionwise, it’s probably Mark, but it’s more like one of those epistles everyone thinks they’ve read but hasn’t.

  2. dmdutcher says:

    Making overlapping stories that link together is a function of all myth, though. And he’s isolating the movies and taking them out of the tapestry that spawned them, comic books. You look at the movies, and they relate to the comic books like the Noah and Exodus movies relate to the Bible, which is not so much.

  3. “first read the book of Genesis” – well, I was always a bit miffed at some hotels where you’d find only the New Testament on the bed stand (not that ‘D need a copy …). As for “… meaning in constellation …” – this is a concept that is meant to be found in all those “forward-looking” (to borrow from investment bankers …) Biblical stories that foretell the Messianic closure.

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