Soar Anew With ‘Dragons 2’ Teaser

The forthcoming animated film’s teaser revels in robust joy.
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Posting this recently released How to Train Your Dragon sequel’s teaser on Facebook, I remarked,

There is a sense of robust, unashamed, redemption-and-New-Earth-reflecting Joy here — as in the first film — that is missing from so many other stories.

An older Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon’s 2014 sequel.

An older Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon’s forthcoming 2014 sequel.

… Which prompted A.T. Ross to rejoin:

I’m just putting this out there, but you know that not all stories have to reflect the redemption-and-New-Earth theme in order to be a *good* story, right?

Whereupon I said,


Certain stories, however, cut directly to and endorse my longing for Home.

Especially if you were a How to Train Your Dragon (2010) fan, what longings might this short-story-style teaser have reflected in you?

Even from a “secular” critic perspective, I’m highly optimistic about the June 2014 release. Here the filmmakers (many continuing from the first film) seem to know exactly why the first film worked so well. Its success wasn’t thanks to Hip Celebrity Voice Actors or pop-culture references. Instead, viewers such as I walked out of the theater positively giddy. Yes! That was amazing! More please. More flying on dragons and heartfelt stories and soaring spectacle and soundtrack!

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