The Time Door by Shannon McDermott Opens For Pre-Orders

On this day of black sun, look to the stars for a new sci-fi series crafted by Lorehaven’s longtime Review Team member.
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If you like our Lorehaven reviews every Friday, chances are you’ve read Shannon McDermott.

From our 2018 beginning, Shannon has faithfully reviewed so many Christian-made fantastical novels we love: fantasy, sci-fi, and beyond. For example, see her by-name review of the classic Walter M. Miller Jr. novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz.1

Even earlier, she has written articles for our predecessor website, Speculative Faith.

Now we can share Shannon’s own novel, releasing in six months on Oct. 8, 2024: The Time Door.

Pre-orders at Amazon have opened for this first book of The Eternities Duology.

Behold high-concept fantastical goodness, not in a fairy kingdom, dystopian land, or galaxy far away, but from a potential future of our very real solar system:

Shannon McDermott (2024)

A reckless last mission on Mars, a crusade for justice on Earth . . .

Reuben Jackson is the only one who still cares about Mars. In the shambles of the Great Collapse, Earth has abandoned the Mars explorers to their fate. But Reuben will make a stand for the Mars team—even against the powerfully united politicians and scientists. In too deep, he discovers hidden conspiracies and unexpected allies.

As the conflict mounts on Earth, time runs down on Mars. Left to face Mars alone, Commander Donegan Moynihan and his team have no hope of surviving after their supplies are gone. Willing to accept a quicker death than starvation, the explorers strike out on a dangerous mission. They venture deep inside the ancient volcano of Arsia Mons, into perils and secrets long buried. What they discover would move mountains on Earth—but will it be enough to save themselves?

Book 1 of The Eternities Duology series

Lorehaven serves as a big supporter of Enclave Publishing, and vice-versa,2 for all their Christian-made titles across the genres. Yet we’re especially happy to give special recognition to this orbit-trotting title by a faithful reader and stellar storyteller.

Congratulations, Shannon, and Godspeed!

  1. Most of our Lorehaven reviews do not name the reviewer, to help preserve reviewer confidentiality and fairness to authors. When review team members create their own stories, we of course ensure other reviewers are assigned to review them!
  2. Enclave’s parent company, Oasis Family Media, sponsors with our Fantastical Truth podcast.
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