1. akmeek says:

    One thing I find amazing is how so many of these books contradict each other. From what I’ve read, most of them are mushy, man-centered cheap theatrics. Just my two-cents.

  2. Heaven is For Real at least includes the Gospel, and one could argue that those looking to that book for “proof” are abusing its message and its authors’ intent. I’m not sure that would be the case for yet another NDE-themed book I spied at the store just this afternoon, which was directly, even arrogantly titled, Proof of Heaven.

    I want to sigh and kindly, yet firmly, say to its author/ghostwriter(s)/publisher:

    Son, I don’t know you. I know Jesus Christ. He says it’s real. That settles it. Okay? Now, when you can top His dying for my sins and then resurrecting to defeat death and Hell, I may ask you instead for such “proof.”

  3. Bainespal says:

    Since the purpose of this post appears to be cautiously making fun of the motives behind this kind of book….
    “ChristianRetailing.com”?  “….Christian Products Industry”?  *facepalm* *headdesk* *facepalm*
    And some of us (I assume) thought the mainstream Christian book industry was full of scam and kitsch.  I’ve know that God has been for sale in the Evangelical world since I saw the words “God on the Go” on a Bible in the book section at Wal Mart, but I don’t relish another reminder.  And I’m not raving against capitalism or anything like that…. it’s good to make a living…. but this is ridiculous and disrespectful. 🙁

What say you?