‘Turn Yourself Into The Hero’

This ‘Man of Steel’ film promotion reveals human nature.
on May 1, 2013 · 1 comment

For good or ill, we long not only to enjoy stories about heroes, but to become heroes ourselves.

Via the Superman: Man of Steel Facebook fan page.

Via the Superman: Man of Steel Facebook fan page.

… Even if hero is redefined as simply purchasing a candy product (and perhaps winning a promotional tie-in prize).

What is right about wanting to “turn yourself into the hero”? What are the risks of this impulse?

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  1. Melissa Ortega says:

    This ad doesn’t even make sense. Then again, most don’t. In America, at least in the 80’s when I briefly studied marketing in different countries, the product is always the hero.
    I’m assuming here there is supposed to a “turn of phrase” in that Twizzlers are spiral, and the city behind is “turned”/”spiraled” out of Twizzlers. So by eating turned Twizzlers, we “turn” in to heroes? It’s a bizarre wordplay stretch – so bizarre, I’m not even sure that’s where they’re going with this.
    Incidentally, this “I’m the hero” thing is exactly what I didn’t like about Carrie Underwood’s Dawn Treader song (among other things) and Alanis Morisette’s “Wunderkind” about Lucy. That is all.

What say you?