1. D.M. Dutcher says:

    I don’t think you can humanize Superman. Like Captain America, he’s always been an ideal more than an actual person, and usually his best stories are about how he as an ideal reacts to real life. Like Kingdom Come, where he embodies gold or silver age thinking in a world where people want dark age heroes. The first movies really were about seriously showing the idea of a superhero in live action rather than Superman himself, and without the meta-commentary he becomes a boring hero. You have to radically change him to make him interesting, whether making him communist (red son,) or changing the nature of his origin and powers (a kurt busiek novel that I can’t remember, where superman actually declines as he ages and has children.)

    • In the voice of another man associated with a particular metal, Tony Stark:

      “I respectfully disagree.”

      I don’t think you can humanize Superman. Like Captain America, he’s always been an ideal more than an actual person

      Naturally my first reason is theological:

      1. Jesus Christ is fully Man, fully iconic, fully idealistic, and yet is fully human.

        Theoretically, then, it’s possible to translate this to a fictitious equivalent. We need neither Gritty Reboots or unapproacable paragons. Reality proves it.

      2. Possible response: Okay, but man’s stories can’t capture that perfect heroism.

        One name: Aslan. Some have said “he” feels more real than Christ. (As Lewis famously answered in a letter, that only means one is being drawn to the real Christ and His perfectly robust personhood, even if we don’t know it.)

      3. Captain America (2011) turned out fantastic.

        As I understand it, the makers didn’t compromise the hero’s true goodness. He’s a real patriot, idealistic yet also human. Of course, it also helps to have an Origins Story of someone who came from weak beginnings (or wasn’t always a truly good hero). Now let’s see how he works in the sequel!

      4. Because if I’m right, Clark Kent as a child struggling with the kinds of sensory overload and autism-like strengths strikes a fantastic hero/human balance.

      It’s a deceptively simple idea (Nolan is famous for these): hero struggles against strengths, thinking them weaknesses. So far this hasn’t been done so directly in a superhero film — only more-generic awkwardness, not fitting in, or over-the-top Angst.

      If I’m right, this a perfect storytelling solution to keeping Superman all-powerful and iconic, yet also (at first) vulnerable and sympathetic.

      • D.M. Dutcher says:

        Yeah, I don’t know about this. The 3rd trailer is pretty much blatant about him being an ideal than mankind should follow, and that he’s more than a normal kid. Superman’s point is always that he is not human, and he embodies virtues more perfectly than others. He’s not Jesus because he’s not fully man nor a mediator between man and God. Usually the point is not to humanize him, but bring out both his alien nature, his morality, and his difference from others.

        I just don’t think he can be humanized in any real way. There’s something about DC heroes where they tend to be more like gods than men, with the exception of Batman and other fringe heroes. Like Wonder Woman never can really settle into being anything more than Diana of the amazons, and heroes like Captain Marvel seem to be inhuman more often than not.

        Cap is different, because he’s just a pure, empty suit. Its funny, because Chris Evans is the only actor to do two Marvel Heroes, and the difference between his Cap and his Torch is like night and day. Cap usually seems to fill roles, like the leader, or 1940s masculine archetype, or a political statement. In his own book he keeps getting overshadowed by others like USAgent or Bucky.

      • Galadriel says:

        I love Captain America best of all the Avengers because not only does he have those humble beginnings, but he’s  more concerned about his country and those he serves with than his own ego, unlike the villain Loki or the good guy Iron Man.

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