1. Amen. I use such an approach in my live study series “Christian Sci-Fi with Professor K.” https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2_mOzRyAES_sBmPAp0S7r7EJPKy5oxyG

  2. Lisa says:

    “…every good story in some way, intentionally or not, mirrors the great redemption narrative.” ABSOLUTELY. I think as Christians, we do ourselves a disservice if we reject certain stories out of hand because they aren’t “Christian” enough, or try to shoehorn the Gospel into a film or novel. Perhaps we should instead be asking ourselves if God can speak to us through a story that isn’t blatantly Christian. (Spoiler: He can.)

  3. yomama says:

    hehehe the people who deify tolkien annoy me.

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