1. Lavay Byrd says:

    Wow! This is SO beautiful! Thor is also my favorite Marvel hero (aside from Captain America and Captain Marvel). I LOVE how you not only contrast Thor and Loki in using the Prodigal Son parable, but you also show Loki’s inward struggle as well. I’d at first harbored a very STRONG dislike towards Loki as the Marvel films progress, but reading this article definitely makes me feel sorry for him. He could’ve done better for himself as well as his relationship with his brother and adoptive father. Instead, his actions led to destruction.

    I so adore Thor, especially in his redemptive arc to a spoiled and arrogant prince to a noble warrior-king. After Dark World, I was severely disappointed in how the later Marvel films portrayed him. (I hated Ragnarock). I wished they could’ve done better with his storyline and his homeworld.

What say you?