1. Elisabeth says:

    You shared some incredible testimonies here! I love how God wooed you in your dreams before you even came to faith. I’m still not sure what my own dreams of infiltrating a barbarian tribe to rescue my coworkers or fighting orcs with Uhtred of Bebbanburg mean, but dreams are definitely fascinating.

  2. Marian Jacobs says:

    These are really powerful stories. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of my best story and article ideas pop into my head right before I’m conscious. I also LOVE the idea of praying for God to enter my dreams. I think this is something I can also pray for my kids before bed.

  3. Great story, thank you! If you haven’t read the book An Experiment with Time, I would recommend it. Sounds like it would be a book you would greatly enjoy.

  4. I had a dream that the world was ending (this was years ago). I was driving with my family in the car. And I was panicking, desperately trying to find a safe place. Meteors were falling from the sky, ones the size of the car itself. It felt hopeless. Right before our car was crushed, I prayed, “God, take us home!” The meteor fell on us. I felt a rush of warm air followed by peace.
    I can’t recall what was happening in real life around that time, but I’ve never forgotten that dream. I’ve had plenty of nightmares, but though this started out like one, it didn’t feel like it by the end.

    • That sounds intense! But it’s always interesting when we think to pray in our dreams, and it’s especially cool how that changed the ending of the dream for you.

    • I had a dream similar to this once – my sister and I were on a motorcycle, she was driving and I was behind her and we were racing away from a city and then I saw a nuclear bomb hit the city and knew we weren’t far enough away to survive. I turned my face away, hugging my sister and mentally threw myself into Jesus’s arms. There was no fear, just surrender, and then I felt the blast wave and light and woke up. It’s the only time I ever “died” in a dream (usually I wake up as I float/fall into the sky or hover just out of reach of the bad guys) but I’ve never forgotten that moment of surrender and peace.

What say you?