1. Brennan says:

    It was my favorite when I was growing up! I didn’t have any reasons for that, just that I liked it more. 🙂

  2. I think I’m gonna have to reconsider this series. I read 3 of the books about 20 years ago and didn’t care for them at all. I’m wondering if I’ll see them differently now.

    Thanks for a thoughtful review!

  3. Colleen K Snyder says:

    Amen to reading the series in the order it was written! You miss so much of the beauty and wonder of discovery if you read it out of the release order. An author is developing characters, situations, arcs, as they go along. To try to force a chronology on a series is dishonoring to the author. In my opinion, and that and $10 will get you a cup of coffee somewhere!

  4. Same here: favorite of the series by far. I reread it at least once a year, consistently, and always get something new each time. I’ve told many young midshipmen that you will find no better an example of how to be a noble warrior than to look at King Lune.

  5. I generally agree that it is the best or one of the best. It felt the most immersive and with the best character development. Rabadash’s obsession with Susan seemed slightly contrived to me, but aside from that, it was enjoyable. Also, it seemed to me the best character development Susan Pevensie ever gets, which is something.

What say you?