1. I am reminded that there is, as the Book says, “a time for everything”, so this is a biblical process; it’s also essential for busy people to review and prioritise.

  2. notleia says:

    I wonder if Spec Faith only has 5-8 years’ worth of content? There’s only so much to say ~about~ writing that hasn’t been said in the last 50 years or isn’t just repeated elsewhere. There’s only a little Christian-specific stuff we can add on to generic good-writing advice, and most of that devolves into denominational slapfights or inconclusive back-and-forth about personal tolerance levels for talking about sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

    I think Lorehaven has the more sustainable approach. We can still talk about storycrafting and do compare/contrasts between different authors and styles, but we aren’t ~limited~ to that. (Also too pls talk more about fanfiction and its possibilities, or you know I’m gonna hijack the Discord to talk about it).

    (Also too I have a few ideas for some sidequests on the Discord about reading ye olde timey Christian fiction like Quo Vadis. Or maybe just analyzing it, because it’s a dense ole clunker of a novel.)

  3. I’m sorry to see Speculative Faith closing down (for now). Ever since I discovered it a couple years ago, I’d enjoyed many articles and series there, and even had thoughts for articles of my own that I hoped to pitch (talking, incidentally, more about fandom than writing).
    However, this certainly sounds like the right decision at this time. I’m sure our Great Author has His own plans for the future both of Spec Faith and of all our other endeavors! 🙂

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