Slaying The Giants

Bryan Singer’s big-screen version of the fairy tale releases today.
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From Plugged In’s review of the recently released Bryan Singer movie-ized fairy tale flick:

Fairy tales are big business these days, though most are being tweaked and twisted for more jaded audiences. And as such, you never know what you’re going to get when an old tale reemerges in a reimagined way in a movie. Is it going to be a light lark, á la 2012’s Mirror Mirror? Or an R-rated bloodbath, like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters? Only Plugged In’s reviews will reveal!

Except in this case, not even Jack the Giant Slayer’s makers seemed to know what sort of movie they wanted to make. So the result is both/and.

At one end of the beanstalk, this is a simple morality tale tailored for tweens: Jack’s a great, noble hero. Roderick’s a likably loathsome villain. The overall atmosphere is a bit frivolous. The giants themselves are just the right amounts of creepy and cool.

But at the other—the business end—there’s an awful amount of violence to contend with.

Read the full review here.

Will you be seeing Jack the Giant Slayer?


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