Dream of Kings

Starting on Monday, Dec. 5, we’ll take three weeks and wrap before Christmas Eve, journeying through this standalone fantasy inspired by the true story of Joseph.
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Next month, Lorehaven Guild heroes will finish our first year of monthly book quests.

Starting on Monday, Dec. 5, join our exclusive community and find your way back home in a land of betrayal and truth in Sharon Hinck’s novel Dream of Kings.

We’ll take three weeks and wrap the quest just before Christmas Eve, journeying through this new fantasy inspired by the true story of Joseph.

Dream of Kings, Sharon HinckBook Quest guidance: Dream of Kings

Quest destinations

  • Dec. 5–10: chapters 1–12
  • Dec. 11–17: chapters 13–24
  • Dec. 18–23: chapters 25–epilogue

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Lorehaven reviews Dream of Kings

Dream tellers are trained to tell the truth every time. Their interpretations of dreams can bring great or terrible news. When Jolan is thrust into a position of influence, the High Lord’s favor brings others’ jealousy and betrayal. She must learn whom she can trust. Even in the worst of circumstances, can she depend on the sovereign Provider to help her survive? After a life of loss and suffering, can she open her heart to new opportunities and a new dream? Sharon Hinck’s Dream of Kings fantastically reimagines the biblical Joseph narrative, drawing readers into a vivid world of political intrigue and faith struggles.

Best for: Fans of fantasy and biblical retellings.

Discern: Some mild violence.

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