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The Centauri Survivors, Andrew J. Chamberlain

The Centauri Survivors

“Stranded on this planet, we face both human and alien enemies; but I have learnt to fight for the ones I love.”
“Imagine an alien invasion, but inverted. . . . This fun, leisurely-paced story brightens a constellation of classic sci-fi tropes.”
Jewel of The Stars: Earth's Remnant by Adam David Collings

Jewel of The Stars: Earth’s Remnant

A cruise ship goes on the run through unexplored space after Earth falls to an alien occupation.
The Way to Paradise by Celesta Thiessen

The Way To Paradise

On 1,200-light-year journey, only Captain Zarah bears the responsibility of carrying out the mission’s secret orders. She knows they will probably never see Earth again.

Remnant In The Stars

Calonti Sora reluctantly signs on as an astrogator with a search-party ship and meets up with an old human friend, Kirsten Abbott.