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Tattoo of Crimson, Sarah Chislon

Tattoo of Crimson

Gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell has no intention of making a suitable match—not when she’s seeking the truth about the taint of the fae that lies within her.
“Complex relationships and social conventions tangle in this unique world inspired by Regency England and the Inquisition era, but overlaid with fae creatures.”
Mantle, Oliver D. King


Winter breaks all the rules to stop Xaphan before he destroys the world.
Acolyte, Oliver D. King


Xaphan sends a demon to hunt down Winter, and Winter doesn’t know what to do to stop it.
Ultraviolet, R. J. Anderson


Sixteen-year-old Alison wakes up in a mental institution, and realizes she’s confessed to murdering Tori Beaugrand, the most perfect girl at school. But Tori’s body has not been found, and Alison can only recall her disintegrating — into nothing. By R.J. Anderson.