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The Soul Hunter

On a Saturday night, psychology professor Dylan Foster opens her front door — and a bloody ax falls into her entryway. Book 2 in the Day of Evil supernatural-suspense series, by Melanie Wells.
· May 2006 · for

“What does Peter Terry want with my son?”

“The same thing he wants with all of us. Peter Terry is a hunter,” I said. “He’s hunting souls.”

Dylan Foster, a psychology professor at Southern Methodist University, is preparing for a Saturday night date when she hears something at her front door. She opens the door — and a bloody ax falls into her entryway, bringing a young woman’s murder, quite literally, into Dylan’s living room. Caught up in a desperate search for answers, Dylan must use her psychologist’s mind and acute spiritual radar to unearth the connections between the murdered girl; the accused murderer and convicted rapist Gordon Pryne; and Peter Terry, the elusive white man with the slash on his back.

Peter Terry is hunting again, chasing souls, haunting minds, invading dreams, and wrecking lives. As Dylan draws closer to the answer she seeks, she stumbles upon a discovery that draws her ever deeper into danger. But Dylan cannot find the truth — not until she realizes nothing is as it seems in the fight for the human soul …

Book 2 of the Day of Evil supernatural-suspense series.

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