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Writers' Retreat by J. P. Choquette

Writers’ Retreat

As hard as it was to get into the retreat, getting out will be even harder.
The Oasis King, Mark David Pullen

The Oasis King

Three young boys who are seeking adventure are transported to a strange and primal paradise.
The Long Shadow, Phyllis Wheeler

The Long Shadow

Fourteen-year-old Richie from white suburbia is whisked back fifty years, fighting to survive a freak storm and afraid to accept help from a black man.
Castaways, Jes Drew


When four youths are cast away on an apparently deserted island, they begin to realize they might not be so alone after all.
“A memorable and entertaining tone … younger readers will take delight in this light, sweet tale.”
Lorehaven review, fall 2018
Shadowed Eden, Katie Clark

Shadowed Eden

Avery survives snakes, sink holes, and hostiles while trying to rescue her group who is stranded in the desert.