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Writers’ Retreat

As hard as it was to get into the retreat, getting out will be even harder.
· October 2023 · for ,

You’ve never been to a writing retreat like this.

Flora Rossi is under deadline and her agent has made it clear: meet it or the publishing house will drop her. Still recovering emotionally from a tragic accident and with her creative muse missing, the acceptance letter to Idyll Weiss Writing Retreat comes at a perfect time.

A full week away to write in a rustic home deep in the Vermont woods with a handful of other writers will be just what Flora needs to rekindle her creative spark. The fact that the exclusive writing getaway is led by bestselling author-turned recluse, Venetia Valentine? It’s the stuff of dreams.

Or nightmares.

Because the retreat isn’t quite what Flora or the others expected. Secretive staff, no electricity, a missing writer, and unanswered questions about the Retreat Center’s dark past are just the beginning.

What say you?