1. “we can all learn not to fear stories with anti-biblical worldviews” — why would I fear such things? I live in the midst of this garbage—increasingly as we approach the end of the Age. In truth, I usually feel like I was dunked into a fetid swamp of sin and filth. There’s nothing to fear there. But the absence, distortion, or perversion of truth is not good or pleasant. It used to be exciting and titillating, but it is no longer. It’s a problem we will all have to deal with—face to face with the King.

    There’s nothing to fear. But show them for what they are, please. They have no power, except to corrupt. The Blood has washed me clean. But they are eliminated by the simple application of “think on these things” Phil 4:8

    I am pleased that these anti-biblical worldviews will be eliminated in the near future when the True King shows up. Until then I’ll enjoy the power of His Kingdom in this sinful world. And yes, I write fiction.

What say you?