1. David W Landrum says:

    Perceptive article, though it is somewhat flawed by the author taking on the sarcastic, snarky attitude toward Christian believers that seems to be popular with writers these days.

    • I must defend the snark to an extent. This I call “gentle snark.” It’s intended to assure readers who are skeptical of the very notion of Christian subculture and might be tempted to think “away with the lot of it; let’s just serve Jesus by participating in the Real Popular Culture.” (This is an absurdity, and denies our spiritual family members a basic “human right” to create cultures and subcultures like any other set of humans.) Anyway, see my other writings for defenses even of “silly” Christian subculture, end-times escapism and all. For example, to this day I remain a Left Behind series fan, though I better see the flaws inherent in some end-times approaches as well as that fiction franchise.

  2. An informed and insightful article. As a Christian author and musician, I pray for a renewal of Christian arts to galvanize hearts and minds, bringing people closer to Jesus.

  3. Serena Chase says:

    I disagree with the previous comment that took issue with the ssnark. Anything less than a side-order of snark would not have been as effective in making your points, IMO.

    Thoughtful piece. I especially appreciated this line: “Over the timespan of generations, a Christian subculture dominated by politics is hopelessly limited and ultimately ineffective for forming more Christlike people.” That’ll preach, as they say.

    We must engage with our culture to understand who lives in the world with which we want to share the Gospel, but when political views *become* our religion (and a nation or its leader(s) becomes a standard to wave above the cross) we become cultists and idolators, operating apart from Christ.

  4. This brings up many interesting and difficult points. I have resolved it to myself as Christians should take an active role in politics, while pastors should keep their preaching to the Bible. Last week for possibly the first time my pastor gave something of a political speech regarding the Capital riots. Getting political was a mistake in my opinion. (And something he has told his staff many times not to do.) Taking a stand on left vs right was his second mistake–by what he chose to say and leave off his political biases were crystal clear. And getting some facts wrong was a third mistake. All of this made his 40-minute Biblical message disappear in the noise surrounding his 5-minute foray into politics.

  5. J.K. Miles says:

    What a cringeworthy stroll down amnesia lane Stephen. I had all but forgotten Christian Y2K panics. You make some really good points about Earth-2 where we would all be sipping bottles of XYZ while enjoying the fruits of concentrated efforts to produce and create art rather than weaponizing nostalgia to whip of political angst. Sorry. If you find a portal to earth 2 let me know. I keep hoping but my wardrobe is, as yet, just a wardrobe.

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