1. That’s a brilliant way to parent, Ticia–to talk through cultural issues with children.
    I see no other way for Christian parents who hold to traditional, biblical views of gender and sexuality to help their children navigate a rapidly changing world, a world in which pagan values (and entities?–there’s a plot!) are taking advantage of the vacuum of secularism.
    Thank you for sharing your challenge. Some day you will read your “books in peace with a cuppa tea” and miss the nerf guns and jousting. 🙂

    • Ticia says:

      Thank you!
      That day is coming all too soon with one of my sons going into the military. I’m soaking up every moment I can until he leaves, and relishing that I’ll still have two at home for a little while longer.

  2. Ticia says:

    I’m going to add, Rick Riordan’s best series is of course the Kane Chronicles, his Egyptian mythology series, it’s a rare time where a mainstream author has a well-written homeschool character.

  3. Jo Ann Dagis Samide says:

    Reading this thread made me feel so nostalgic. I loved reading to and with my five kids when we homeschooled. We used sonlight curriculum which had a great deal of fabulous reading choices. My youngest is 20 and my oldest is 35, and they all talk about the days of reading aloud and what we learned….

    Keep it up. folks, you are truly doing the Lord’s work!

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