1. I agree with what you are saying, in general. For me, I’ve cut down the internet to a research tool. My social existence online is restricted to private FaceBook groups, and blogs. I notice below here, for this comment, that Lorehaven offers WordPress, Google, twitter, or Facebook to fill in my details. I really don’t use any of them. I run a group on spirit-filled speculative fiction writing and its authors. I use a faceBook group, and a blog/website. Neither of those options is really satisfying. I suspect that’s because the pentecostal/charismatic variant of fiction is a fairly small niche overall. The speculative fiction portion of that seems to be very small.

    I would love to be involved with an active, tightly focused online group like this. What I’ve been doing is not satisfying.

    As an addendum to what you’re saying here. I’ve found a great deal of relief by cutting off live TV and movies. That helps a lot. But I may be able to do that because I grew up before TV. My youth was spent reading, not watching, or online.

  2. notleia says:

    I’d frame the entire issue differently. It’s trying to curtail the brain equivalent of mindless snacking, right?
    I’m totally stealing this from a tumblr repost, but if you find yourself scrolling through the same three websites like a tiger pacing its cage, then like the tiger, you need enrichment. (The tumblr post goes on to joke that you should try stuffing a pumpkin with five pounds of raw hamburger and rolling it around your enclosure.)
    If the novelty of the internet has worn off and is not getting you the happy brain chemicals, then try something else.

  3. Andy Animous says:

    Fun fact: a planet-wide city is called an acumenopolis.

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