1. You express the journey so well, Zack. I sigh as I remember. Our first computer was a Tandy, and I printed off college essays with a dot-matrix in the computer lab–using big floppy disks to haul around each project. The early years of internet were fun and clumsy. But yes, now it’s swallowed up our lives. To think there are some people who have only known the world with internet.

    • So true, Darlene. And you bring up a good point: there used to be more physical aspects to using the internet. It wasn’t all accessible through your thumbs on a screen. You had to fetch other items. It was like going on a quest and collecting all the relics.

  2. I used to be a SysOp of a tiny BBS. I regret to say that there was still drama and unpleasantry in those halcyon frontier days, because humans gotta human, but at least you still had the option to meet the perpetrator at a local coffee shop and hash out your differences in person. I once threw a user party, with cake.

    • I remember some flame wars, too. But yeah the difference is there was more of a sense of locality. And I’ll bet the community on your BBS was a lot smaller than what we typically deal with nowadays.

  3. L.G. McCary says:

    Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger SNAKE!
    (That’s my main memory of the early internet, and it still makes me laugh.)

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