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After Moses

His gruff exterior hides a man who wants to do the right thing. But running from trouble won’t work when the planets need a hero.
· October 2019 · for , , ,

Arizona Colony, Mars.

Matthew Cole doesn’t want anyone else aboard his ship. But the notorious solo freelancer is persuaded against his better judgment to guard a dangerous prison transport along with an exo-suit-clad former rival. Outmaneuvered when the crook’s cronies spring the inmate with heavy firepower, the poncho-wearing captain vows to scour the solar system to restore his rep and claim his paycheck.

Reluctantly banding together with his seven-foot partner in her powered armor, Matthew has his hands full leading an unwanted ragtag crew. But the headache of dealing with people again is nothing next to the prickling between his shoulders as he continues to run afoul of greedy politicians and criminal syndicates.

Is this space cowboy’s moral compass sending him to a fatal crash landing?

Book 1 of the After Moses series.

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