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Black Earth: End Of The Innocence

The night the stars fell was only the beginning of the end.
· September 2023 · for , ,

The night the stars fell was only the beginning of the end.

At Nathan Pierce’s high school graduation, hundreds of meteorites strike Earth, dealing a devastating blow to humanity. With help from his sister, Daisy, Nathan travels to Phoenix to search for his missing parents in the chaos, only to discover his parents – and the meteorites – are hiding dark secrets that could spell the end of humanity.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away at a church camp in California, Heather Rhodes struggles with the guilt of a car accident she caused days earlier that took the life of a newborn. While the stars crash to Earth, Heather stumbles into newfound powers that she will need to save herself – and those around her – from certain destruction.

During the global crisis, the president of the United States makes it her personal mission to keep the country on the right track by implementing – and enforcing – the Falling Star Directives. Freedoms are slowly stripped from American citizens as the sides of friend and foe become blurred, and family turns against family in an attempt to show loyalty and support of the new laws.

But in the midst of the chaos, a dark realization begins to blossom, one that may have been discovered too late: the falling stars may not be stars at all…

Book 1 of the Black Earth series.

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