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Champions of Light

Those destined to rule must gain faith in the Light or lose the kingdom to the Dark.
· June 2023 · for ,

Darkness strangles a kingdom. Can those destined to rule overcome it in time?

Runaway Rhoanda, betrayed by her father for arranging her marriage without telling her, should have expected it. Winter hangs on in the mountains, closing the pass to the west. Caught stealing, the city watch takes her to the Cathedral of Light. She learns the truth about the Light while trying to hide her identity. Her parents would use her as an excuse to attack this kingdom.

Sergeant Vern can’t shake his desire to drink nor his anger at the Lord of Light for letting his sister die young. He continues to work under his alias, but time is running out. A treacherous spring thaw and the Dark endangers the kingdom. Angels weep and shift positions in a mural fulfilling prophecy. Vern must change his view of the Light so he can step into his true role.

Will they find enough faith in the Light to overcome their trials and save a kingdom?

Book 1 of the The Light Series series.

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