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Thaddeus, a resilient tikpo aided by his mentor Story, embarks on a perilous journey to master the sword art of Concordia.
· August 2023 · for ,

Thaddeus, a young tikpo leaves his abusive home and is taken in by a gadder named Story. Throughout that time, Story works as a florist for the royal family of Solitary and Thaddeus her helper. When he and his friend witness a murder, he is beaten and left for dead. Determined to keep the young tikpo from further harm, Story tells Thaddeus of her mysterious past. She once trained in the magic sword art used by Kingsman, now since vanished. Thaddeus becomes steadfast to never again be the victim and begins his training to resurrect the Kingsman and master the sword art that is known as Concordia.

It is during that time that the kingdom descends into chaos and Thaddeus at the center of it. The royal family begins to be mysteriously murdered and the King goes to great lengths to bring Solitary a powerful Kingsman once again. Thaddeus sets out to prove his skill as a Kingsman, bring an end to the chaos, and solve the mystery of who is behind these murders.

Book 1 of the Tales of Tikpo series.

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