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Dragon Slayer: Beginnings

The ancient ancestral cult of Dragon Masters seeks to rule all the lands and only a small band of commoners stands in their way.
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What if dragons really did terrorize humans since the dawn of time?

Dragons have been forgotten, relegated to the realm of fairy tale and myth. But not all the people believe them to be gone. Commoners whisper of their existence and the old ones among the people recount tales from their childhoods; terrifying abductions in the dark of night, the horrendous, flaming destruction of their family homes.

A growing dread, a heavy foreboding lies heavy across the lands. Rumors of an ancient ancestral cult spreads on the wind… and the Dragon Masters wait; a sinister force lurking in the darkness, growing in the shadows. They are patient. Preparing. They will rise.

Hon, a 6 year-old boy, is stripped violently from his family, orphaned, and thrust into the conflict between the Dragon Masters and the lords of the lands. As he grows, so does his hatred for the beasts. He enters the clash head-on, assembling a motley group of strong but all-too-human men. Their ambition: to end the dragons and their Masters for good. But Hon continues to battle the terror, the wounds that threaten to overthrow his mind.

Book 1 of the The Dragon Slayer Chronicles series.

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