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Dustsong: Len the Wanderer

Len is cast into a young world of unlikely allies and unforeseen peril, but the greatest threats lurk within.
· September 2023 · for

A marked man flees from his home and his past. Len’s dangerous new existence is full of strange folk, monstrous beasts, and otherworldly beings. In an earthly realm caught in the throes of its first growing pains, the wanderer begins to discover the role for which he was wrought. As he encounters unlikely allies and unforeseen threats, he finds the greatest peril lurking within. And a new realm is born from fire and chaos. Dustsong: Len the Wanderer is the debut novella in the Tales of the Vaporous Realms series. Join Len and his companions on their epic adventure into the unknown!

Book 1 of the Tales of the Vaporous Realms series

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