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Lady Moon

Celine’s evil uncle’s latest caper threatens to devour the whole countryside and wants to force Tomas into a confrontation.
· April 2012 · for

When Celine meets Tomas, they are in a cavern on the moon where she has been languishing for thirty days after being banished by her evil uncle for throwing a scrub brush at his head. Tomas is a charming and eccentric Immortal, hanging out on the moon because he’s procrastinating his destiny—meeting, and defeating, Celine’s uncle.

A pair of magic rings send them back to earth, where Celine insists on returning home and is promptly thrown into the dungeon. Her uncle, Ignus Umbria, is up to no good, and his latest caper threatens to devour the whole countryside. He doesn’t want Celine getting in the way. More than that, he wants to force Tomas into a confrontation—and Tomas, who has fallen in love with Celine, cannot procrastinate any longer.

  1. D.M. Dutcher says:

    Worlds Unseen by this author was unusually good, and anything tagged “wombats” perks my interest.

  2. D.M. Dutcher says:

    After buying this, I have to say it was better than expected. It has a great fairy-tale quality, and is inventive. Yes, there is a wombat, along with fire kitties, walking plants, and a girl trapped on the moon who has to deal with the most unlikely of suitors. It’s good quirky, not bad quirky.

    The Christianity is latent if even there though, and you have to roll with the quirkiness some to enjoy the book. If you like super-deep worldbuilding and long epic fantasy, this may seem a little thin. But it’s actually quite good, and is worth giving a try.

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