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March to Shadows

Before they can go home, Reslo, Gratas, and Jerah must stop a war, or start one.
· March 2018 · for

Princess Heiradra wants nothing more than to eat her breakfast in bed and avoid the boring aspects of court life. However, when a cart loaded with a wounded Sylvan Elf and two beaten Templars arrives at the palace the morning of the grand ball, there is no avoiding royal politics.

With the return of the two Nolterite Templars, Jerah and Gratas, King Velat sees an opportunity to make peace with the raiders from the North. Fattened up on cake and with a hundred-strong entourage, the Elven warrior, Reslo, and his Templar companions must do the impossible and negotiate with the reclusive remnants from Nolterland’s imperial days. If the Northern barbarians don’t kill the three companions, the plots and intrigue of Galeberth’s royal court just might.

Book 2 of the The Judges Cycle series.

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